Dr. Mikhail V. Konnik

Adaptive Optics and Optimal Control

The University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

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2010-2013 - Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

The University of Newcastle, Australia

Subject: Online Constrained Receding Horizon Control for Astronomical Adaptive Optics [full pdf | mirror]

Supervisors: A./Prof. Jose De Dona and Dr. James Welsh

2000-2006 - Diploma (M.Sc.) in Physics

Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI), Russia

Subject: Digital Recovery of Images Encoded by Optical Methods

Supervisors: Prof. Edward A. Manykin and Dr. Sergey N. Starikov

Research Experience

October  2013 - December 2013 :: Research Associate

University of Newcastle, Australia

Evaluated  Linear/Bilinear Matrix Inequalities methods and semi-definite optimisation for control problems in astronomical adaptive optics.

February 2010 -- August 2013 ::: Postgraduate researcher

University of Newcastle, Australia

Solved the problem of fast constrained optimal control for astronomical adaptive optics using Receding Horizon Control methodology. Developed a complete end-to-end adaptive optics simulator and fast optimisation algorithms for constrained control.

April 2009 -- February 2010 ::: Senior Engineer

Optical Information Processing Lab, MEPhI, Russia

Developed high dynamic range imaging methods for optical correlators to improve the accuracy of targets recognition.

May 2006-- April 2009 ::: Engineer

Optical Information Processing Lab, MEPhI, Russia

Research and development of optical-digital encryption schemes based on diffractive optical elements. Developed customised algorithms for images deconvolution.

Scholarships and Awards

  • 2013 :: Certificate of Appreciation for serving as a reviewer for the Journal of Electronic Imaging
  • 2012 :: AICCAR (Control, Automation and Robotics conference) Best Student Paper award
  • 2010 :: Won the Postgraduate Scholarship (PGRSS) from the University of Newcastle, Australia
  • 2009 :: Moscow Telecommunication Conference Award (Diploma of excellence)
  • 2009 :: Russian Federal exhibition ``Sci-Technical Creativity of Youth'' (Certificate of distinction)
  • 2008 :: Won the UMNIK Fellowship (Russian Federal Program for young scientists)
  • 2007 :: Moscow Telecommunication Conference Award (Diploma of excellence)

Computer skills

  • OS :: UNIX, Debian GNU/Linux, Windows
  • Scientific software :: MATLAB, Simulink, GNU/Octave, \LaTeX, gnuplot, Maxima, Scilab.
  • Related software :: Doxygen, Markdown, graphviz, Subversion, Mercurial/HG, Fossil, nip2.
  • Programming :: MATLAB, ANSI C (BLAS/LAPACK), TCL/Tk, Python, Perl, Bash.

Fields of Research Interest

  • Adaptive Optics :: wavefront sensing and reconstruction, atmosphere optics, numerical simulations, automatic control in adaptive optics.
  • Control :: distributed control, optimal control, optimisation algorithms, system identification.

Professional Membership

  • Membership :: Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Regular Member since 2008.
  • Membership :: IEEE Member since 2009.

Personal information

  • English (IELTS, 7.5 Overall: 8L, 7.5R, 6.0W, 8.0S)
  • Russian (native)

List of publications is HERE

PDF version of this CV is HERE.

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